Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Keeping me on my toes...

I have had so many changes lately life is definitely keeping me on my toes.

Let me start with the biggest:  I have discovered that my health problems for the last several years are due to severe food allergies that I have.  Now, while this is great news to know what the problem is, it is a huge deal to change my whole way of eating.

I have been forced (by my wonderful doctor) into this new world of gluten free, dairy free and egg free.  Talk about overwhelming!  I am now having to eat things I didn't even know existed - never mind know where to buy it or how to cook it.  Huge huge changes for this picky eater.  And on top of all that, weening myself off my old food caused major (and I mean major) withdrawals and made me very sick.  In fact, once we had some more test results back (and they were much worse than I or my doctor anticipated) she put me on an additional 30 day cleanse where I honestly thought I might die I was so sick.  So when you feel much worse it is very hard to get yourself excited about new food. 

I am about 3 months into my diet changes and am starting to see the light at the end of tunnel.  My doctor has assured me that my body is responding positively to everything, just slower than I had hoped for.  I am starting to feel like I have more energy and can do more than I used to.  For sure, I don't have the afternoon slump that I used to have...but I do have a long ways to go before I can say I feel great.

So with this major change I have had to delve into the vegetarian world quite a bit in order to find great dairy free / egg free recipes.  While my doctor wants me to eat meat and fish pretty much everything else I eat is vegetarian.  Let me give all you vegetarians props now because it takes a lot of creativity and planning (not to mention organization) to eat like this full time.

I am just currently working on changing over my menu plan for lunches and dinners - so if anyone has any great tried and true recipes I am all ears cause I have already had a few flops!

The other change in my life is that I am starting my own business!  Yes, I know!  I will wait and tell you all about that soon - it is very exciting!