Saturday, January 21, 2012

So it's Saturday night and I was relaxing watching some TV, working on my knitting and finished my latest InStyle magazine (a pretty great night so far) and I suddenly craved cookie dough!  Not the kind of craving where you would like 'something' and would be nice if it was sooner rather than later...but I'm talking about NEEDING cookie dough NOW!  So what's a girl to do?  Make cookies!  So I pulled out my mom's famous chocolate chip cookie recipe and made a batch of amazing cookies.  There is something so classic about chocolate chip cookies - gotta love them!

Now I'm going back to work on my latest knitting project:  an afghan from Mary Maxim.  My mom made this afghan and I really loved it so I decided to borrow it and put my own twist on it.  If you are not familar with Mary Maxim, they sell their projects as packages.  So you get the pattern and all the wool in one bunch.  Normally you just buy the pattern and then pick whatever yard/wool you want to use and coordinate the pattern to your preference.  So since my mom had already made this pattern she used all the wool that came with it.  So I took the pattern to Michaels and picked out similar colours that I loved out of Lions' Brand Vana's Choice yarn.  I just love her colours and it was really fun to pick them out and 'style' my afghan.  The pattern is call 'Harvest Colors Blanket' so as you can imagine it is made with rustic, autumn colours.  Here are the colours I picked:

  • Burgundy;
  • Navy;
  • Olive;
  • Espresso;
  • Sapphire;
  • Cranberry; and
  • Mustard.
This pattern consists of two different squares that are made in each colour in five strips. Then the five strips are sewn together.  I am just about finished my fifth strip and then I am going to get my mom to teach me how to sow them all together.  I am going there for supper tomorrow night so that works out perfectly.  After it is all sewn together and you basically have your afghan then you take each colour and knit a border all around the afghan.  In my opinion this border is really what sets the project apart from other afghans you could knit.

Here are some photos of my five strips (before my mom teaches me how to sow them together) and then I will give you some updated photos tomorrow (hopefully)!

Have a great Saturday night...

Oh by the way, this is my dog's Saturday night:

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