Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Review: A Woman Betrayed by Barbara Delinsky

I just finished reading A Woman Betrayed by Barbara Delinsky and I was really impressed with it.  I was expecting a more typical 'chick' type book i.e. romantic but instead I found it to be a really interesting character piece with many facets. 

In general the story is about a woman's life who is completly turned upside down when her husband disapears one day.  Turns out he is a man of many secrets and they start coming out one by one.  It is amazing how one act by her husband affected her and those around her in so many ways.

The book was very captivating and like I said Barbara really dives into her characters so you feel like you really know her characters and in this particular book - the woman to has been betrayed.

I recommend this book to anyone!

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