Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Finished Afghan!

So as I mentioned, I have finally finished the afghan I was making for my nephew's wedding next month.  Here are some shots of the finished project:

So because my couch is also chocolate brown, you don't get the best contrast here, sorry.

While I was taking these pictures and had the afghan spread out, my dog decided that this new blanket must be for her and jumped into my shot:

This next shot doesn't show the colour correctly, but does allow you to see the design in the afghan:

So there it is!

I made this afghan using 'Loops & Threads' yarn because they had the best chocolate brown colour, I thought.  You knit the whole afghan using two strands of yarn at the same time.  This is not difficult, just annoying because the strands constantly get tangled and you spend a lot of time unraveling and keeping everything straight.

Otherwise, the pattern is quite easy.  It is all simple knit and purl stitches, nothing fancy at all.  It is similar to a lace pattern where you constantly have to be counting your stitches to keep on track but once you get the hang of it, you don't even realize you are counting all the time!

Now, I get to plan my next project!!!

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  1. Love it! And of course it's for your sweet puppy! Who else coud it possibly be for!!! ;) lol!