Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Fun - Goals / Challenges

On the last day of May I am thinking ahead to the next few months. 

Today I am going to join Weight Watchers to help me get balance back in my eating habits.  Hopefully feeling better and more energy will also come too.  The plan I am joining goes until September 1st so that will cover my whole summer which will be good.  I should have some great habits started before winter creeps in which will help me keep this as a lifestyle change.  Loosing weight isn't my main focus (just a bonus if it happens) but learning health tips and eating properly balanced meals is.

As previously mentioned I have started taking piano lessons.  I have had four sessions now and I just love them.  But this week I would say they started becoming a challenge.  No longer is it simple stuff that I could pick up no problem.  Now I have to concentrate and practice much more.  So that is my other goal / challenge for this summer - to keep improving and learning piano. 

I also really really want to go to our local zoo.  I know that sounds weird but we have some baby lions there that I really want to see.  Baby lions = so cute:)  So I am going to plan a peaceful morning for my zoo day and stroll around to check out all the new exhibits, etc.  They have been doing tons of renovations on our zoo and I can't wait to see them.

So those our my summer time thoughts for today - hope you all have lots of fun plans for your summer.  Plan now so they all happen!

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  1. Your so strong!!!!! Well done you to set this time of year my gardens sort of run my life....I don't have more than daily goals...plant more lettuce....mow....feed kitties!!!
    I wish we had a piano....I love to play... We always had one growing up...maybe someday...when my mum was sick it was the only thing that relaxed me....I would just move into the music world....and it is a real challenge to play so you really can't think of anything else...
    Oh I bet those baby lions at the zoo are going to be wonderful...I have never been to a zoo....I am toooooooo much of a animal lover and I'm afraid I would worry about I have never been able to go.....I hope it is wonderful...say hello for me!!! Happy Day to you!!!