Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time for some honesty

Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.
Sigmund Freud

I think this is a great quote and applies to so many different aspects of my life:  health, exercising, and finance.

If I'm being honest with myself regarding my health - it stinks.  I have terrible allergies which keep my immune system basically shot.  I have so many allergies that there is something in the environment bothering me all year.  So I need to remind myself of this constantly so I don't get discouraged about why I need more sleep than other people my age and why I can't do as much as some other people. makes me feel very old (I'm only 30) and almost sissy because I hear about what other people do that I know I could never do, but I guess I need to be honest.

If I'm being honest with myself regarding my exercising - I suck.  I do however walk for almost an hour 5 times a week but in terms of toning, muscle building and variety in my cardio...that is basically none existent.  I feel like every time I take 1 step forward with my 'new exercise plan' (there have been many in the past) I end up taking 2 steps back.  About three years ago, I lost 30 pounds all on my own (by that I mean on my own determination and plan) and am super proud of myself for that.  But somehow what I did then to loose the weight is not working now.  And that frustrates me so much.  Lately I have had a minor surgery on one of my toes and it is taking quite a long time to heal (or maybe I am just being really impatient, which is probable) and while it is healing I basically can't do any exercising.  I really need to get a good plan in place that is doable for me (keeping my health/stamina in mind) and I need to be honest.

If I'm being honest with myself regarding my finances - I'm heading in the wrong direction, fast.  Even though my debt is mostly due to 'big items' not not frivolous items (I said most, not all!) it is still way to high.  Way too high.  I have got to get my debt paid off and I need to be honest.

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