Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Ideal Day - Actually Possible

Further to my previous post about my ideal day, here is my plan for an ideal day that would actually be possible. 

6:00 wake up
6:15 work out
7:00 get into shower / get ready for work
7:45 leave for work (drive/walk)
8:30 start work
12:30 have lunch in a quiet spot (preferably outside or somewhere quiet) while reading a book
4:30 leave work (walk / drive home)
5:15 get home, clean up from walk and get refreshed
6:00 put supper in the oven (or on the BBQ) and sit down to have a glass of wine and read my book or some blogs while I wait for it to cook
6:45 eat dinner with husband
7:45 take dog for a walk / play with her
8:15 watch TV
9: 15 get into bed to read more of my book
10:00 fall asleep

While I see that this day would be possible, it wouldn't be very often.  I usually have some sort of errand to run after work or I have some sort of appointment that has to be fit into my evenings.  Also, I didn't mention any housework (obviously) but that needs to be accomplished a little bit every evening. But it is possible to do aspects of my ideal day - if I stop to appreciate the little things more often!

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