Monday, June 4, 2012

My Ideal Day - Wishful Thinking

My Pretty Pennies posted a post recently about our ideal day.  And over at The Life I Want she discussed her ideal day.  The idea is to get us to think about what makes us content and see how doable it is for us.

So here is my ideal day but with a twist...because my ideal day would not involve working (sorry, it just wouldn't) so this day really isn't possible until I become independently wealthy, but it is fun to wish!

8:00 wake up without an alarm
8:15 go for a run in a park and stretch
9:15 get into shower and take my time to get ready
10:00 go to farmer's market for a fresh local breakfast and do some shopping while I'm there
11:30 go home and hang out for a while (accomplish a few things around the house...maybe check some blogs!)
2:30 to go a matinee movie with my husband
4:30 take my dog for a walk / play
5:30 go out for dinner with my husband and some friends
8:30 come home and get into my comfy clothes to watch some TV / drink a cup of tea to unwind before bed
9:30 get into bed to read
10:30 fall asleep

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