Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finished lapghan (small afghan) for my in-laws!

Recently my husband and I were treated to a cruise in the Caribbean by my in-laws.  As a way to thank them for their present I knitted them an lapghan (not a full size afghan).  My sister in law gave me an idea of the colours in their living room (we have never seen their place since they moved away) so I hoped that I picked the right green.  I wanted an olive green but my colour selection was limited because I was using Lion's Brand Thick & Quick.  I ended up using 'grass' and I thought the colour was really nice, especially for a living room.

Here is the finished project:

We received a telephone call from my in-laws saying they got the package and loved the gift.  My mother in law specifically said that the colour was great for their living room - huge relief!

This pattern was considered a 'lace pattern' which some people find very intimidating.  I think this pattern and most lace pattern have a very elegant look to them, not necessarily modern, but sophisticated.  The hardest part about them is that you usually need to keep count all throughout your row and for each and every row.  Some patterns you do the same stitch across the whole row and this is not the case in lace patterns, your stitch is constantly changing.  So they are not harder per se you just have to pay more attention while you are knitting.  Not my favorite pattern to work on when I am watching a movie, for example.

Here is a link to the pattern I used:

I recommend trying this.  If you do, please let me know how it turns out.  Thanks!

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